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Educational toy rental subscriptions for eco-conscious Canadian families.

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How It Works

Rent Educational Toys

Our Montessori-inspired toy rental subscription encourages learning through play and supports each stage of your child’s development.

Our toy rental collections are backed by experts in early child development, and have been tested by hundreds of members across Canada.

A 4 month old baby lays on the floor and plays with Montessori baby toys, including 3 wooden rattles..

Save Time and Money

We deliver high-quality wooden Montessori toys to your door for roughly half the cost of buying them new.

Two-way shipping's included in your monthly subscription fee.

We won't charge you for an occasional lost piece or broken toy. These things happen!

A 15 month old toddler sits on the floor and plays with a rainbow wooden nesting bowls toy from his toy subscription box.

More Fun. Less Stuff.

Our toy rental collections grow with your child, keeping them engaged and learning throughout their first three years of life.

You'll send us back all the outgrown toys, keeping your home free of toy clutter.

We'll clean and sanitize them, then send them off to the next family!

A 7 month old baby laughs as she plays with a colourful wooden toy ball..