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Educational toy subscriptions for eco-conscious families.

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How It Works

Our Toy Subscription Rental Cycle

Own Less, Play More

Rent eco-friendly educational toys curated for each stage of your child's development. As your child grows, exchange them for more challenging collections.

A baby playing with Montessori-inspired toys from his rental toy subscription box

Save Time and Money

Receive high-quality, Montessori inspired wooden toys for a fraction of the cost. Delivered right to your door, and picked up when you're done with them.

A toddler playing with Grimm's nesting bowls toy from his 15 month old toy subscription box

De-Clutter your Playroom

Leave the toy storage to us. Return the toys your child has outgrown to keep your playroom organized and free of toy clutter.

A baby enjoying a wooden grasping ball from her Toy Exchange Club rental toy subscription box

What Our Members Say

"My 4 month old son is easily distracted and with the abundance of stimulation all around him, it can be a challenge to keep him focused. This is why the Toy Exchange is a great fit for our family. We avoid electronic toys with flashing lights and sounds so he can regulate his senses and concentrate on the skills he's trying to learn without unnecessary distraction. The collection of toys from the Toy Exchange offers my son just right amount of stimulation while engaging him in hours of play. I am very pleased we  subscribed!"

"Since Fiona is our third (and last) child, we didn't want to clutter up our home with more baby toys - but we still wanted her to have some developmentally-appropriate toys of her very own to play with. Our membership with Toy Exchange Club has been the perfect solution. We get amazing, high-quality, curated toys for each developmental stage, and once she's outgrown them? We get to give them back! Win-win."

"As a first-time mom starting back to work, I had incredible anxiety over ensuring my baby’s toys were developmentally appropriate. While I wanted to research and purchase the right toys, I just didn’t have time. Our family also tries to live a sustainable and minimal lifestyle, and we don’t want a living-room full of plastic toys that would just lose parts and over-stimulate our son. Carissa has been incredible – she suggested developmentally-appropriate ways to use our current toys and showed us how to set up a minimalist play area that is calming yet engaging for our son. He loves the toys we received in our first Toy Exchange box, and I love that I can rent them rather than buy."

"Our son loves all of the toys in his Toy Exchange  box and I was so relieved to get some help with organizing his play area! We no longer have toy chaos. He has simple things arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way and we rotate toys and books for him weekly to keep things interesting. I also feel more confident that he is getting the tools he needs developmentally. Thank you for taking the guess work out of play time!"

“We have been subscribing since my son was 6 months old, and he is now 10 months. The toys have been an absolute hit! It’s been amazing to see how his interaction with the toys changes as his development progresses! For instance, when I initially introduced the activity board, he mostly just wanted to put it in his mouth, but just a few weeks later he interacted with all parts of the board with great interest! And while some of the rolling toys seemed to frustrate him before he was crawling, they became favourites once he mastered the army crawl. Now he’s learning how to use the object permanence box - it’s fun to watch him problem solve. We’re always so excited to receive the next toy box, though it is bittersweet to say goodbye to great toys and each stage of development"

"I thoroughly recommend. It is an amazing feeling to know that I am providing my daughter with toys that meet her developmental needs. They engage her more effectively than the ones we own, and we’re avoiding accumulating toys at such an alarming pace. The expertise provided by Toy Exchange has given me some real confidence in how to support her learning and development, and how to know when she is ready for a new challenge."

"I'm really excited about the program! I've been trying to read and understand what toys are good for children development at each age, but it's so difficult to digest all that information AND look for the toys on amazon. I'm at home all the time with my first newborn, so I don't have the freedom to go out and shop. I love the concept of this program because it's local, accessible and easy for me to give my child the right tools to help him grow, and I can return the toys when he's done with them. I won't end up with a room full of unused toys, and it won't be thrown out either (no waste - I've seen this before and it's terrifying to see an entire room dedicated to toys)."