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  • Choose a Kit Based on Your Child's Age

    You'll receive 7 educational wooden toys; an overview of the skills your child is learning; and tips on how to guide play.

  • Return & Exchange

    We'll let you know when it's time for your next toy subscription kit. Use the included shipping label to send back the outgrown toys.

  • Repeat

    We'll exchange your rental toys every 3 months. Want to hang onto them longer? Or exchange early? Just let us know!

A 15 month old toddler sits on the floor and plays with a rainbow wooden nesting bowls toy from his toy subscription box.

Why Rent?

Because toys can be overwhelming.

  • Buying them can often feel like a waste of money since they're outgrown so quickly
  • They pile up and cause clutter and extra housework
  • It's confusing figuring out which toys to get for a child's age and developmental stage
  • What the heck do you do with them once they're outgrown?
  • Most plastic toys are non-recyclable, but the wooden ones are so expensive

Simplify your life by renting curated toy kits perfect for your child's age. You'll feel great about saving money and the environment.

How It Works


How are the rental toys cleaned after they're returned?

The wooden toys are wiped down with toxin-free soap and water to remove germs and debris. Then they're sprayed with a non-toxic disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs (including SARS-CoV-2). Fabric toys are machine-washed and dried.

What if I break or damage a wooden toy from the subscription box?

These things happen! Normal wear of wooden toys is fine, and we understand that occasionally a piece gets lost or a toy is damaged or broken. If this happens please just let us know, and ensure you return the wooden toy to us, including broken pieces.

How do I return my rental toys?

You'll receive an email letting you know it's time for a toy exchange. We'll then ship out your next toy subscription box. Once it arrives, you'll pack up the old box using the provided materials and drop it off at any UPS Canada location. (We currently ship to all provinces across Canada.)

How do I cancel my toy subscription?

You can cancel your monthly toy subscription at the end of each 3-month rental cycle.

Why are the toy rental subscription boxes delivered every 3 months?

The three-month block allows for slight developmental differences amongst children, and provides time for your child to build the intended skill-sets. We have designed toy rental collections that should offer your child challenge and stimulation throughout the 3-month period. Your child will engage with different educational toys at different times throughout the 3 months, based on what they are developmentally ready for.

Can I buy a rental toy from my subscription box to keep?

If your child loves a rental toy and just can't part with it, you may be able to purchase it at a small discount (based on availability). Just email us with your request.

Can I rent Montessori toys?

Yes! We offer Montessori toy rentals. We provide a mix of age-based open-ended wooden toys, Montessori-inspired toys, and classic Montessori toys | Canada.

"Canadian toy rental service keeps outgrown toys out of landfill" - Global News

We're grateful to be featured on Mother.ly, CBC News, cbc radio, ctv news toronto, global news, and cp24

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