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Which educational toys will you find in our subscription boxes?

You can explore examples below.

Each of our toys has been chosen with care to support the specific developmental stages of children from birth through age three. We curate our toys based on a variety of criteria. You can learn more here about the brands we carry and why.

The collections below are examples, intended to give you an idea of the kind of toys you may receive. Our boxes may be updated without notice as new products become available.


0 to 3 month old toys


0 to 3 Month Old Toys

Montessori mobiles: Munari, Dancers and Octahedrons; hanging/stroller toys; soft book; black and white cards


3 to 6 month old toys


3 to 6 Month Old Toys

Sensory rattles offering different grasping challenges; interlocking rings; hanging/stroller toy; soft sun; rubber ball; soft taggy cube


6-9 Month old toys


6 to 9 Month Old Toys

Roller; various sensory balls; activity board; soft book; rattles


9 to 12 month old toys


9 to 12 Month Old Toys

Grasping coins and rattles; soft ball; bead maze; Montessori object permanence box; square, triangle and circle puzzles; activity board


12 to 15 month toys


12 to 15 Month Old Toys

Horizontal dowel; ring stacker; pop-up pegging; nesting cubes; nesting cylinders; three circles puzzle; stacking cubes; hammer ball; coin box


15 to 18 month old toys


15 to 18 Month Old Toys

Nesting bowls; spinning top; threading bobbins; notched ring stackers; trio shapes puzzle; pull toy; cubes on vertical dowel; maraca


18 to 21 month old toys


18 to 21 Month Old Toys

5 shapes puzzle; two-handed rattle; lacing beads; wobbly ring stacker; pull toy; ball track; wildlife matching cards


21 to 24 month old toys


21 to 24 Month Old Toys

Sorting coins; two-piece jigsaws; shape sorter; ring stacker; hammer pegs; farm puzzle; xylophone


24 to 27 month old toys


24 to 27 Month Old Toys

Shape sorting board; flower garden; magnetic fishing; jumping acrobat; pegged shape sorter; humming top; 2 piece animal puzzles


27 to 30 month old toys


27 to 30 Month Old Toys

Layered puzzle; peg board; stacking rocket; castanet; nuts and bolt; threading buttons; vehicle puzzle; shape sorting stacker


30 to 33 month old toys


30 to 33 Month Old Toys

Threading beads; stacking animals; stacking tower; habitat puzzle; cogwheels; fruit and veggie dominoes; height and depth blocks


33 to 36 month old toys


33 to 36 Month Old Toys

Egg shaker; lacing sheep; shape halves board; magnetic maze; threading animal; habitat puzzles; motor skills board; hook fishing