How to Return Your Toy Rental Subscription Box

How to Return Your Toy Rental Subscription Box

Wondering how our toy rental subscription box return process works?

Here's a video demo to show you how to return your rental toys after each three-month rental cycle:


Here's how it works:

  1. When your subscription box arrives, make sure you hang onto all of the contents, not just the toys. (The shipping box, instruction sheets, packaging materials, etc.)*
  2. There will be a return shipping label included with the box. It is specific to the box it arrived in, so do not use it to return a different box. Make sure you hang onto it.
  3. When your three-month rental cycle is complete, pack up the toys and place any small parts into the included cloth bags. Place everything into the original shipping box.
  4. Fill out our feedback card (please!) and toss it in the box. (Thanks!)
  5. Place the kraft paper padding on top.
  6. Wet the shiny side of the paper tape with a very damp cloth. Close the box up and seal it with the paper tape.
  7. Attach your return shipping label to the top of the box.
  8. Drop your sealed toy rental subscription box off at any UPS Canada location.

Rental toys packed up in original packaging and sealed, ready to mail back.

*It's really important that you hang onto all of the original shipping materials. The main reason is that we want to keep our environmental impact to a minimum by re-using the same packaging again.

Please ensure that you return all of the hand-made cloth packaging bags as well, so that we are able to wash and re-use them over and over again.

Wooden rental toys packed up and ready to return to Toy Exchange Club

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