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How are the rental toys cleaned?

The wooden toys are thoroughly wiped down with toxin-free soap* and water to remove germs and debris. They are then sprayed with Force of Nature, a safe, non-toxic disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs (including SARS-CoV-2). Fabric toys are machine-washed** and dried.

We strongly believe in the advantages of using a toxin-free cleaning process that is safe for your children, wildlife and the environment. We do not use bleach or chemical antibacterial products due to toxicity concerns, and the lack of evidence proving their effectiveness over safer alternatives.

Please note for allergy purposes that we apply coconut oil to the wooden toys if they become dried out.

*Attitude soap (non-toxic / made in Canada / CO2 neutral / not tested on animals)

**Nellies detergent (non-toxic / made in Canada / not tested on animals)

What if I break or damage a toy from the subscription box?

These things happen! Normal wear of wooden toys is totally fine, and we understand that occasionally a piece gets lost or a toy is damaged or broken. If this happens please just let us know, and ensure you return the wooden toy to us, including broken pieces.

*If an entire toy is missing from a subscription box, you'll be charged a replacement fee.

Please follow the care and cleaning instructions included.

How do I return my rental toys?

1. You'll receive an email letting you know it's time for a toy exchange.

2. We'll ship out your next subscription box.

3. Once it arrives, you'll pack up the old box using the provided return shipping label and packaging materials.

4. You'll drop the old box off at any UPS Canada location.

How do I cancel my toy subscription?

MONTHLY TOY SUBSCRIPTION: You can cancel your monthly Toy Exchange Club subscription by emailing us. You have the option to cancel at the end of each quarter (once you have paid in full for your current box) and we receive all rental toys back to our warehouse.

ANNUAL TOY SUBSCRIPTION: Our annual toy subscription costs 10% less than our monthly subscription, because members commit to a full year in advance. You are not able to cancel this subscription box part-way through the year.

Can I buy a rental toy from my subscription box to keep?

If your child loves a rental toy and just can't part with it, you may be able to purchase it at a small discount (based on availability). Just email us with your request.

Why are the toy rental subscription boxes delivered every 3 months?

The three-month block allows for slight developmental differences amongst children, and provides time for your child to build the intended skill-sets. We have designed toy rental collections that should offer your child challenge and stimulation throughout the 3-month period. Your child will engage with different educational toys at different times throughout the 3 months, based on what they are developmentally ready for.

Can I keep the rental toys longer than 3 months? Or exchange the subscription box early?

Sure! If your little one loves your current set of rental toys and you'd like to hang onto them a little longer before exchanging, just let us know! Or, if your little one is ready for a change and you'd like to exchange your wooden toys a bit early, that's fine, too.

How do you select the educational toys included in each subscription box?

Children go through specific developmental phases at predictable times, so it is possible to anticipate what learning and skill-building your child may be ready for. The educational toys are strategically chosen to help support those needs during the appropriate timeframe. Dr. Stephanie Denison, BA (UBC), PhD (University of California, Berkeley) who studies cognitive development in infancy and early childhood, has reviewed all Toy Exchange Club collections and developmental content.

Much of our inspiration has come from Montessori educational pedagogy, which is grounded in over 100 years of research worldwide. You will find that our educational toys are simple in design, allowing the child to understand and focus on the toy's intended purpose. We try to encourage the use of your child's imagination rather than viewing someone else's, so none of our toys feature popular culture references. Our educational toys are made of natural materials with no electronic parts. We have also considered the look and feel of your home and play space, and have selected wooden toys that are quite beautiful, in our eyes.

Where in Canada do you ship to?

We currently ship to all provinces across Canada, excluding remote locations. (If you live in a remote location in Canada, reach out and we'll see what we can do.)

Why are the wooden toys all gender-neutral?

We believe in setting aside the gender stereotypes so prevalent in our society. Gender-specific roles and attributes are (often unintentionally) pushed on our children from birth. Our educational toys are selected to provide equal immersion in all play. Additionally, we believe all colours are beautiful and you may receive a pink or blue toy regardless of your child’s sex.

What does "non-toxic" materials mean?

We search far and wide to try and find educational toys that are made of natural materials and use non-toxic, water-based paints and stains that are safe for your baby to mouth and play with.

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Do you accept wooden toy donations?

Thanks for thinking of us, but we do not accept donations.

We're not a toy library, and our baby toy subscription boxes are strategically curated according to a very specific set of criteria.

Can I rent Montessori toys?

Yes! We offer Montessori toy rentals. We provide a mix of age-based classic Montessori toys, Montessori-inspired toys, and open-ended wooden toys.

Do you offer baby toy subscription boxes?

Our educational toys rentals start right from birth, but you can join at anytime throughout your little one's first three years. You can even subscribe before baby is born! Just let us know your due date and we'll hold off shipping baby's first set of toys until you've welcomed them into the world.