Why Our Toy Rental Subscription Program Got Started

Why Our Toy Rental Subscription Program Got Started

I had a great conversation with Accelerator Centre the other day about the challenges I had as a first-time mom in trying to support my son's learning and development through play. Those challenges are what motivated me to start Toy Exchange Club.

We also chatted about why the toy rental program operates on three-month cycle. We discussed some of the concepts and values that I hope this program helps to foster in our young members and why this is so important to me on a personal level. Lastly, I explained how and why our business model operates outside of the standard economic model we're so used to.

Have a watch!

(Apologies for the irony of the disposable coffee cup on the table - I was getting over bronchitis and needed water to keep the coughing under control, but I forgot my water bottle.)

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