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Are You Tired Of The Clutter And Waste Of Cheap Plastic Toys?

Us too! That's why we started Toy Exchange Club. You can join the hundreds of parents who never have to worry about the closet full of toys that will never see the light of day again, and instead get amazing, high quality, Montessori-inspired, wooden toys delivered to your door every 3 months. We've spent the time researching the best toys for your child's development so you can just enjoy watching the grow and play. We take care of everything else.

Pick Out Your First Kit


How To Get Started With Toy Exchange

1.  Select the Toy Subscription Box that Corresponds with Your Child's Age

Our Montessori-inspired collections are designed to support each stage of your child's development. Choose the toy subscription box that most closely aligns with your child's current age.

Your subscription is billed monthly, and the rental toys are delivered every 3 months.

    2.  Educational Toys are Delivered to Your Door

    Your first box of beautiful, age-based educational toys are on their way to you.

      3.  Play and Learn for Three Months

      Enjoy all the learning and fun without having to worry about toy storage and playroom organization.

      And don't worry - sometimes kids lose a piece of a toy or are hard on them. We get that. If a piece is lost or broken, just let us know.

        4.  Ship the Rental Toys Back to Us

        You'll receive an email to let you know it's time for an exchange. We'll send you your next, more challenging set of educational toys. Then you'll pack up the outgrown set using the provided shipping materials and return label, and drop them off at any UPS Canada location. 

        If your little one's not done with the toys yet and you want to hang onto them longer, just let us know. Or, if you'd like to exchange a little bit early, that's fine too!

          5.  We Clean and Disinfect the Rental Toys

          We clean and sanitize everything and then pack them back up and send them off to the next family.

            6.  Feel Great

            You can feel great about supporting your child’s learning and development, keeping your playroom free of clutter, and making a sustainable consumer choice.

              7.  Repeat!

              Get going today with your first kit, or give the gift of a little less clutter to your best friends. 


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