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Our sustainable wooden toys are designed to encourage exploration and discovery for kids aged 0 - 36 months.  We know you want the best for your kids and so we ensure that every toy we rent out is safe and free of toxic materials.  We're planning for their future, too.  By renting toys, you keep the clutter under control in your home, and keep outgrown toys out of the landfill.  

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How do you know if toy rentals are right for you? 

 You want toys that stimulate learning and growth for your child 

 You want to reduce the clutter in your home

 You love environmentally sustainable solutions 

 Using quality wooden toys appeals to you

 You want the best for your kids, and a clean house too!

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Why wooden toys over plastic? 

There are so many reasons to choose wooden toys over plastic. They're safer for baby; they're beautiful to display in your home; they're better for the environment; they're more durable and last longer; and wood has been shown to have a calming effect on children as they play.

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Did you know Maria Montessori was an educator, innovator and physician?

In 1890, at a time when women had few career options, Maria blazed her own trail to become one of the first female doctors in Italy. She developed a passion for understanding how children learn, and discovered that children have the ability to educate themselves when placed in an environment with toys and activities specifically designed to support their development. Montessori's educational method, which focused on fostering a child's natural desire for respect, knowledge and understanding, is now taught in 20,000 Montessori schools across 110 countries. She was nominated for three Nobel Peace Prizes for her work.

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