Educational Wooden Toy Rentals for Ages 0-3

Our educational and Montessori toys are designed to support your little one's learning and development throughout their first three years of life. Every three months, exchange your outgrown toys for a more challenging set. Your little one will stay engaged and learning as they grow, and you won't have to deal with all the toy clutter!


How toy rentals work


Are toy rentals are right for you? 

 You want educational wooden toys that stimulate learning and development

 You want a different set of age-based wooden toys every 3 months

You want to keep your home free of toy clutter

 You don't want to deal with all the outgrown toys 

 You want to spend less time tidying up at the end of the day

rent toys

baby playing during tummy time with developmentally appropriate wooden rattle and toys that are sustainable.

Why Montessori-inspired wooden toys? 

There are so many reasons to choose educational and Montessori toys! 

  • They help to support your little one's learning and development during play
  • They are so beautiful that you'll actually be excited to display them in your home
  • Quality wooden toys are safer for baby and the environment
  • Wood has been shown to have a calming effect on children as they play

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